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Appropriate big provide whole plant solution has a history of more than 40 years.
Since 1974, should be big from a small factory in the countryside in Taiwan morphed into a world leader in feed production equipment.Growing in the livestock and poultry feed market, our founder chairman zhang also believe global market aquatic feed: especially in Thailand, China, Vietnam, India and even in Europe and South America have considerable potential.
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Appropriate big spirit

"Innovation, integrity, quality"

Over the years, with the spirit of the founder zhang, chairman of inheritance and vision, we have obtained more achievements and set up many of the great milestone: we invented and shrimp feed production is put forward after conditioning system, in 1989 we became Taiwan's first home gun drill in the production of grain mold company, completed in 1990 vane type paddle mixer technology transfer and manufacturing, in 1996 we set up Taiwan's first laboratory twin screw extrusion machine, to the study of soybean protein fiber and as a new formula of the customer tests test center, was founded in Taiwan in 2003, our first RDF - 5 solid derived fuel granulation plant, in 2014 we used in the production of pet food and aquatic feed reverse twin screw extrusion technology patented in the United States;In addition, the vertical drum dryer and moisture control system is considered to be the patentFeed and foodUnder an important innovation of industry.
40 years of experience
Special thanks to more than 40 years, together with the appropriate big partner, they share the same vision with us, so we witnessed the vigorous development of their business and become the industry leader.As the feed and food market, sustained and rapid growth for our high quality equipment and services to our customers success feels proud that it has played an important role.
Today, appropriate aquatic feed, pet food, animal feed, greatly expanded snacks, organized vegetable protein (TVP), high water imitation (HMMA), meat and meat products of wood particles, etcDesign and manufactureProcessing equipment and whole plant.

Appropriate high quality parts, equipment and services IDAH high - quality spare parts, so those services

48 years
Manufacture of feed equipment
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Has been completed
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Whole plant project
Sales services
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Historical evolution


By Mr Zhang Gan original create appropriate large companies, struggle marked feed machinery industry

The early beginning of 开云娱乐官网下载安卓IDAH companyIDAH was founded in 1974


Research and development of Taiwan's first feed extruder

EP - 120 for fish feed production


Complete the Taiwan institute of aquaculture experiment first set of shrimp feed whole factory output

Fish farming


Innovation development of the world's first KC series after the shrimp feed conditioning machine

Post - conditioning for shrimp feed production in the 1980 s


1. Taiwan's first investment to buy DE net making gun drill
2. High mixing uniformity and low cycle vane type paddle mixer rolled out

Gnu - drilling investment


Successful development consequent twin screw extrusion machine

Co - rotating extruder


Establishment of extrusion technology research and development centers, research center of the first equipment business investment in Asia

EP - 50 d extrusion in lab


The research and development of Taiwan's industrial technology research institute (ITRI) solid derived fuel granulation RDF - 5 success will scrap wood, plastics, waste paper into solid fuel

RDF factory in Taiwan


Introduction of 3 d whole plant steel structure drawing system, make more accurate planning and installation of whole factory

The 3 d model for turnkey project


The introduction of Germany vertical drum dryer for drying and cooling of food and feed

Integration of carousel dryer to the food and feed market


Apply the vertical drum dryer to shrimp feed granulation technology, successfully developed high moisture shrimp feed process system

Incorporation of carousel dryer in shrimp feed production line


Should be big in the United States, Taiwan and China respectively obtained a patent reverse twin screw extrusion machine

Patented ContraTwin extruder


Set up appropriate big innovation center

IDAH Innovation center

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