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Puffing system

Today, should be provide single shaft extrusion machine, consequent twin screw extrusion machine, reverse twin screw extrusion machine (patented) and grain curing machine.
We use screw and lined with special structure, within the bulking machine directly injecting steam, and with the aid of heating/cooling jacket to create the most suitable material curing conditions.In aquatic feed and pet food production, add the preset system helps to increase raw material curing process, in order to produce high quality feed water stability.

Appropriate technology - since the 1980 s

Appropriate extrusion machine's history began in the 1980 s.We from the design and manufacture to produce buoyancy single screw extrusion machine, sink fish feed.At that time the only appropriate large extrusion machine is the Asian market professional extrusion machine, aquatic feed so quickly open the market, appropriate large extrusion machine also become hot feed production industry in the region.

EP - 120 for fish feed

Should be larger in the 1980 s began to produce EP - 120 extruder

IDAH Innovation Center

Appropriate large food and feed innovation center

Over time, the accumulation of experience, appropriate will start the large extrusion machine function are generalized to other applications.1995 should be developed spiral is 55 mm in diameter, used for food-grade consequent puffed food and pet food twin screw extrusion machine.A year later, in order to accumulate meat instead of professional knowledge, we have set up an appropriate puffing research center, dedicated to organization research of vegetable protein (TVP).Expansion puffed research center in 2015 into our current known as appropriate innovation center.

Patented reverse twin screw extrusion machine

In accumulated extensive use of consequent biaxialpuffedMachine technology in the production of food after experience, should be big found using the twin screw extrusion machine can produce high quality pet food and advantages of plant meat, put forward a new two-axis bulking solution: ContraTwin reverse biaxial puffing technology, then we in the United States, Taiwan and China, respectively, the technology - ContraTwin reverse biaxial puffing technology patents.

Patented ContraTwin Extruder

EP - 218 single screw extruder for high capacity extrusion

Used for high quality slaking extrusion machine

Spiral uniform pressure can be designed for raw materials, to produce consistent expansion, formed in the pet food crunchy texture.The raw material of grain and extrusion machine inside the tube body screw and the friction between the lining and short-term high temperature curing of the growth of crops.

Preventive maintenance and

We understand the convenience of maintenance is one of the important consideration when choosing a machine.In order to ensure the extrusion machine durability, appropriate is big extrusion machine adopts the high quality metal made through advanced manufacturing process.Continuous lubrication system in addition to minimize for the gear box and bearing box failure downtime;The continuous lubrication system is directly connected to the mains, also can be used as a safety precaution.

The value of our

We bring value for customers to maintain our position in feed and food machinery market.Appropriate innovation center除了向全球销售许多膨化机外,同时也专注于膨化食品、膨化水产饲料和宠物食品的研究,如此让我们更深入地了解该技术并发现更多产品和配方的潜力。在这个研究中心,我们可以体验客户在生产过程中遇到的问题,这也有助于我们不断改进我们的挤出技术。

Maintenance and training

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