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Shanghai is appropriate (cp group)

Tong wei co., LTD

New hope group

Huaian wellhope feed co., LTD

Fujian tianma technology group co., LTD

National Aquaculture Group

Feed One Co., Ltd.

Allgreen Timber Product Sdn. Bhd.


PT. Japja Comfeed Indonesia or Tbk.

Indonesia bofeng

PT. Thought Tani Pemuka

PT. Universal Agri Bisnisindo (De Heus Indonesia or)

Indonesia quanxing


Avanti Feeds Limited

Devi Sea Foods Limited

Deepak Nexgen Foods and Feeds Pvt Ltd.

Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

Cargill India Pvt. Ltd.

Skretting West group Private Limited

Dacheng group


Mount tai enterprise co., LTD., tanaka food factory

Haifeng feed co., LTD

Kin cheng feed co., LTD

Haida group

Association good feed co., LTD

Beaphar Nederland B.V.

The food-and-drink arm Foods Public Co., LTD.

Thai Union Feedmill Co., Ltd.

Inteqc Feed Co., Ltd.

Lee, Feed Mill Public Company Limited

Cargill Siam Limited

Grobest Corporation Limited

Industrial Procesadora Santay S.A.

Samaria Racoes Nutricao e Animal LTDA

Santeh Feeds Corporation

Thick & Thin Agri Products, Inc.

Grobest Feeds Philippines, Inc.

Hoc Po Feeds Corporation

Green Era Bio - Tech Corporation

Jetbest Animal Nutrition & Health Care Inc.

CP one Corporation

Uni - President one Co., Ltd.

Grobest Industrial (one) Co., Ltd.

Nutreco International (one) Co., Ltd.

Cargill one Limited

De Heus Llc

Al Safa For Feed Factory

El Mahmoud Factory

Al Kuds Feedmill Company

Al Eslamia Producing Fish Foods

El Salam For Feed

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