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CPM announced acquisition of appropriate big company

CPM acquires IDAH (from left) in the picture: Shi-jie zhang , appropriate general manager and Charlie Spearing, CPM technology solutions business manager.

CPM announced acquisition of appropriate big company

CPM, the world's leading supplier of process equipment and engineering technology solutions, today announced the acquisition of appropriate large companies, a move that would two industry leaders, working together in a sustainable way to provide food, fuel, and build a better world.

CPM, President and chief executive David Webster said: "as a result of our product portfolio with perfect complementarity, combined the two successful enterprises will bring new solutions and services for our customers"."We look forward to the use of appropriate powerful team and ability to big business, enhance our in aquatic feed, pet food and vegetable protein processing and global position of the market.We are very pleased to welcome the appropriate team to join the CPM."

Should be a big company, founded in 1974 by zhang chairman, the company size from the development of a small factory in the country of Taiwan still have six offices around the world, services in 21 countries.Should focus on the granulating, extrusion and drying equipment, the main is used in aquatic feed, pet food, leisure food and vegetable protein.Appropriate brands with high quality spare parts, equipment and services, is now the world's first shrimp feed equipment solutions provider, is southeast Asia the first big aquatic feed equipment suppliers.

Zhang, chairman, said: "when we celebrate to join CPM the milestone, appropriate big business prospects are bright.Based on our in order to meet customer demand for innovation and the enthusiasm of the solid solution for the customer creation, today, the two industry leaders united, will accelerate the implementation of our Shared vision, namely in a sustainable way to provide food, fuel and build a better world."

Integration work has started, should be joined the CPM technology solutions business, it is a focus on for the consumption of food, animal feed and advanced material industries with innovative solutions centre of excellence.CPM process solutions group led by general manager Charlie Spearing, consists of the following product brand: century extrusion, Extricom, rhea, Wolverine Proctor, Planet Dryers, TSA Griddle Systems and appropriate.

Customers and business partners will continue to provide service through their current contact information.CPM and should remain committed to provide the highest level of service for their clients.

About the CPM

CPM holding co., LTD is a diversified, the world's leading supplier of process equipment and engineering technology, in a sustainable way to provide food, fuel and build a better world.With its growing 17 market leading brands, CPM service in various industries, including animal feed, food consumption, green energy, advanced materials and sustainable packaging.CPM was founded in 1883, 36 in four continents factory has more than 1700 employees, operates in more than 150 countries.From food to eat to you you need fuel, CPM in to make the world more effective and more sustainable development plays an important role.For more information, please visit

CPM announced acquisition of appropriate big company

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Food science, graduated from national Taiwan ocean university with a master of science degree (MSc) British veterans have profound scientific background, and the use of this method based on scientific knowledge to customers.A year of experience in sales, technical and Marketing Department, combined with ongoing communication with customers, make he mastered the feed machinery and its operations.

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