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Superfine mill

In the production of aquatic feed and pet food need efficient pulverizer for super fine crushing raw material
Our superfine mill is we accumulate in the food and feed industry for more than 40 years experience of crystallization.Optimization of the grinding chamber and pneumatic conveying calculations in addition to ensure that large capacity of super fine crushing, and long service life and low maintenance requirements.

IDAH superfine grinding solution

We manufacture and supply of two kinds of superfine mill series products;One is using the AP series of screen mesh, the other one is no ZP series of screen design.Appropriate big AP series in the 1970 s was the first used in the production of superfine mill of eel feed.Should be big in 2010 by improved design shrimp feed dedicated ZP series superfine mill, two series of superfine mill all provide different levels of capacity to meet customer demand, AP - type 2 from the pilot plant scale to production scale of AP - 10;No mesh type, ZP ZP - 125-150 and ZP - 170 type superfine mill is specially designed for food industry demand.

AP - series pulverizer in the customer site

Superfine mill system

A complete set of appropriate large vertical superfine mill system consists of feeder, superfine mill, powder, bag filter, windmills, flat screen into a unit.

  • Material by feeder step by step into the crushing chamber
  • Indoor, crushing the raw material of hammer and lining repeated blows, the material will be broken into small particles
  • On the material of the turbine classifier classification, can only through the fine powder
  • Set after the powder will smash the heavier material separated from the air and into the flat screen machine, bag filter will be separate ultrafine powder from the air
  • Fine powder after sieve machine screening, into the next process
ZP - series pulverizer system

The benefits of superfine mill

Use superfine mill can easily satisfy the needs of small particles or production demand of particles on the surface is smooth.Many feed mills's goal is to obtain ultrafine powder (up to 177 (including 80 mesh/m);Use superfine powder has the following benefits:

  • Increase the vapor permeability, increase the hydration and the effect of heating
  • Ultrafine powder can improve the productivity
  • Improve the finished product packing density
  • Improve smoothness on the surface of the finished product
  • Provide stronger adhesion force between particles of raw materials
  • Reduce the forming mould surface friction
ZP - series pulverizer system in customer site

Plansifter in customer site

The purpose of the classifier

Classifier is the purpose of the larger particles (mainly fiber) isolated from the powder.Fiber light and flexible, so not easy broken when in contact with the hammer.Separation of the fibre material began in the superfine grinding process;According to the types to the production of feed, fiber may or may not be directed back to mill for further grinding.Under the existing superfine pulverizing system, the grinding fineness of up to 98% through 80 mesh sieve.

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