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Complete equipment output

Since 1974, should be big has completed more than 300 in 21 countries whole factory output.Through the use of our machinery and equipment and complete solutions, our customers can rapid development.These clients include the top ten feed company in Asia.

Appropriate application of 3 d design software to simulate the process, to reduce the design, construction machinery plant and equipment installation required the time and money.

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Appropriate innovation center
In appropriate is big, we understand that innovation is the result of the collective wisdom and experience.Appropriate big innovation center is a extrusion research laboratory, through an open laboratory building innovation environment: provide direct communication with the industry experts and operating equipment.We can be together with you to develop competitive and innovative products.
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Technical support
Should you greatly the production process of each step to provide technical support.Our consulting services include factory management, formulation development, quality control and operator training.Our customers can present practice or an online service to gain support.Appropriate large positive technical seminars and training courses, to share the latest technology solutions and production technology.
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Equipment maintenance
Should be large with 5 offices worldwide and more than 10 agents.When the customer response questions or need help, can provide timely technical support and assistance.Please call us or contact us via the Internet, our experienced engineers will solve the problem together with you, or we can compound engineers to the scene to provide on-site consultation or technical guidance.
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High quality parts to make equipment to maintain the best performance.Should be big customer for on time delivery and strong demand are of the highest quality parts.Big spare no effort to had all wearing parts, it is advisable to develop the most durable material to prolong service life, and installation of modern processing equipment to ensure on time delivery.All efforts to make customers minimize downtime and save production cost.
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