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Snack food


Appropriate large consequent double extrusion machine for the production of snack foods.We have a complete formulation and processing equipment professional knowledge.

product snacks
features The expansion of the dry completely
The moisture of extrusion machine export wb (%) 10-12
Quality of a material Crispy taste

Snack on hand,
Production of snack

Snacks manufacturing procedure

Dual-axis mixerFood safety is the key to appropriate large double shaft mixer features.Appropriate large mixer ensures that the mixture of high precision and health characteristics, the design of the mixer can reduce residues and bacterial growth.Appropriate large mixing machine has been sold to many countries, including Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.
Consequent dual-axis mixerBased on years of commercial operation and research work, provides a good solution.Our design of human-machine interface (HMI) can help customers to record all the parameters, including casing temperature, screw speed, water or other liquid to add volume and automatic startup and shutdown.Appropriate big twin screw extrusion machine control system can produce infinite kinds of products.
The dryer systemCompared to the general vertical flow dryers, appropriate area and height of the vertical dryer special small, and the use of power is much less than in most other design, which reduces the cost, energy cost, maintenance cost and noise.Circular VCR dryers to produce very uniform air flow in the dryer, so the products in a very uniform processing.The air will not excessive drying process is only products.Will be dried products are roll (up to seven times) can achieve the best effect of evaporation evenly.

Appropriate process design and equipment features and advantages

Since the 1980 s, Taiwan based on soybean and wheat as two kinds of material, development organization technology of vegetable protein (TVP).Texture with similar plant protein meat quality of a material, can be made into all kinds of healthy vegetarian food.Based on decades of experience in vegetarian food company's operation, IDAH in turn organized vegetable protein (TVP) for the different plant meat (vegetarian meat) has complete professional knowledge.

In 1990,

Appropriate since the 1990 's set up food laboratory, study the TSP (soy protein extrusion), IWP (soy protein isolated) successful r&d organization form of soybean protein (meat).

In 1997,

A laboratory upgrade for the study of the food factory, and started to produce all kinds of frozen vegetarian products.

In the 2000 s

Soybean promotion association with the United States, the United States Food, the U.S. grains Research Institute, Taiwan Food Industry Development Research Institute (Food Industry Research and Development Institute), Taiwan ocean university Institute of Food cooperation and technical cooperation, successful vegetarian meat exports to the United States.

In 2008,

Will mock meat production technology to turn the top five food company in Taiwan.

In 2015,

Vegetarian meat appropriate big innovation center was established, continuous research and development, become Taiwan's first and only provide vegetarian meat equipment, proofing test, education and training, food research and development base.

Consequent twin screw extrusion machine specification table

model EP - 50 d ZPT - 58 d
Horsepower (HP) 40 50
Processing capacity1(kg/h) 25 to 30 50 to 60


1) organized plant protein

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