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Hybrid system

Should be greater than 1989 biaxial paddle mixer manufacturing and technology transfer.
Until today, we constantly revolutionary breakthrough in the technology research and development;More use of new technology and new technology developed by scientific data, for aquatic feed, animal feed, sawdust particles and biofuels industries tailored rugged mixer.

Appropriate large efficient hybrid solution

Appropriate design and manufacture the single paddle mixer, biaxial paddle mixer, single screw mixer and biaxial ribbon mixer and other models;In our various mixer machine, biaxial paddle mixer mixing efficiency is the highest.

In addition, appropriate large biaxial paddle mixer with more details and more functions, such as clean compressed air pre installed for pipe nozzle and meet the requirements of the health food industry double stainless steel material design, as well as connection weighing sensor combination.Selection of several kinds of operating capacity, from laboratory scale (20 l) to industrial scale (5000 l).

Twin Paddle Mixer in the customer site

The change of mixing time and coefficient of variation (C.V.)

Mixture is a kind of different components of the material after rolling, rotating break up and then combined with unique characteristics and state of operation;Generally divided into batch type and continuous mixer.Biaxial paddle mixer including two reverse rotation of the spindle, the spindle on multiple blade arranged at an Angle, so the material can be from bottom up, from the corner to the center riling fully mixed.Blade design can guarantee powder, grain and grain low shear effect and quickly mix.In addition, all open blanking door to ensure that there would be no material residues.

For different mixture, has its optimal mixing time in order to obtain the lowest C.V. (coefficient of variation);Often mix time, about 80 to 200 seconds too long will only lead to material mixture.

CV changes during mixing

Volumes of filling

The advantage of biaxial paddle mixer

Biaxial paddle mixing machine has the similar water droplets form of casing, to ensure that the Angle almost no material sticking to the walls.At the ends of the blades turn to ensure that the material was sent to the middle part and mixing, the mixing machine operation capacity in the range of 40% to 120%.

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