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High Shear Mixer, Single Shaft Ribbon Mixer (for A开云app莱斯特城赞助商qua feed, Animal feed and Pet Food)

Uniaxial ribbon mixer - high shear mixer (used in aquatic feed, animal feed and pet food)

High shear mixer - uniaxial ribbon mixer (used in aquatic feed, animal feed and pet food)

Appropriate large uniaxial ribbon mixer is designed for all kinds of industrial application of high shear mixing and design.

Ribbon mixer moving material in two directions, and through the rotation of the screw with offers to achieve the effect of the mixing action.Ribbon in the ends of the mix solid move to the groove, and outside ribbon will move to the groove in the middle of the material.When discharge materials, take the material move to the discharge orifice.

Ribbon mixer in aquatic feed and animal feed production and can be used to mix with density, viscosity, and is not sensitive to the shear stress of different powder and granular materials, such as fish dissolving pulp and lecithin.

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Based on the requirement of health, the main shaft bearing seat installed on the external mixing chamber
  2. Standard model for the pneumatic sliding door and end discharge sliding door to choose from
  3. Pneumatic sliding door or hatch add lined with seal
  4. Apply to need higher degree of shear viscosity material mixing
  5. High mixing efficiency, C.V. ≦ 6 (dry mixing)
  6. By a circular w-shaped plate and the two sides
  7. Made of low carbon steel materials, the surface of contact with the material can choose double stainless steel materials
  8. Optional weighing sensor, unloading conveyer in order to improve quality and productivity
  9. Assembling with compressed air nozzle pipe cleaning device are available
  10. Since the material in the process of mixed grille add other solid or semisolid material loading
  11. Inspection and maintenance of the access door is easy to clean to maintain health

model BN - 200 - f BN - 200 fh BN - 300 - f BN - 300 fh BN - 400 - a BN - 600 - a BN - 800 - a
Horsepower (HP) 15 10 20 15 25 40 60
Processing capacity (l/batches) 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 6000 8000
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